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Image by Jong Marshes
  • Elly Brian

Issues Related to Hard Water

When hard water makes its way through the mains and into our homes for cooking, cleaning, washing and heating is when problems can arise. Millions of people in the UK receive hard water through the mains water supply with London having particularly large areas with hard water. When hard water molecules are agitated (Warmed up) in kettles, dishwashers and any home appliance the hardness can precipitate as scale.

Scale is not something you want in your home for numerous reasons including blocking and damaging pipes, reducing the effectiveness or braking household appliances including the boiler.

Common hard water and Limescale issues are:

  • Blocked valves

  • Reduced bores in pipe work

  • Less efficient appliances

  • Higher electricity and gas bills

  • Limescale build up (see image)

  • Longer cleaning times

  • Boiler breakdown

  • Poor surface appearance (chrome work)

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