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Evolve Series Water Filters

Cutting-edge water filtration

Evolve Series's filtration systems combine unique air induction and specialized filtration media all in an innovative, environmentally-friendly design. Our line of water filters effectively removes impurities, odors, and tannins for clear, drinkable water in your home.

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Water Filters

Better for your home and the environment. These filtration systems combine a unique air-induction process, which oxidizes dissolved iron and sulfur using a specialized filtration media to effectively remove problem contaminants.

  • Eliminates stains and odors caused by iron or sulfur

  • Economical and efficient, as it uses only the water necessary to maintain consistent pressure throughout your household

  • Environmentally friendly solution for clean, high-quality water - no chemicals or salt required, just air


EVFE filters are the perfect solution for removing iron from your household's water, reducing rust stains and discoloration in your laundry.

EVS filters employ catalytic media, which eliminates rotten egg smells caused by high levels of hydrogen sulfide in your water.

Back Washing Water Filters

Custom filters for unique water problems

Evolve Series's back washing filters are highly effective and consistently deliver the high-quality water your family deserves. Whether neutralizing acidic water, removing chlorine, or eliminating iron and nuisance particles, these filtration systems are configured to address your household's specific water problems.

  • Acid neutralizers that prevent your plumbing and fixtures from corroding or staining

  • Carbon filters that eliminate chlorine tastes and odors

  • Particulate filters effectively remove particles that can enter your household's water

  • Monitors and self-adjusts to water use patterns and changes


EVBF filters remove unwanted contaminants simply and efficiently, using only water to backwash the system during its cleaning cycles.

EVAN water filters help to neutralize acidic water in your home. Acidic water may accelerate corrosion and staining on your plumbing and fixtures. Evolve Series uses Calcite to slowly dissolve calcium carbonate and raise pH levels in your water.

EVFE water filter with drain.png
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