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Water Treatment That Works

Texoma Water Solutions is a family owned and operated water treatment company.  Good water is essential to your health and home.  That’s why we have been providing quality water solutions to Oklahoma homes and businesses since 1993.

Give us a call to discuss your water problems...we are the "go to" company for problem water.  Texoma Water is known for their "no pressure" way of doing business.  Your water will be tested, recommendations made and all pricing disclosed will be asked to consider the proposal and let us know if you decide to move forward.

We have the latest technology and training so our friendly staff can advise you on the best products and systems for your needs, including water softeners, iron filters, pH neutralizers, reverse osmosis, and more!

Having earned a reputation for providing outstanding water conditioning products and excellent customer service, we are confident that we will be able to deliver the high-quality water you deserve!

Don't Pay Thousands More Than Necessary!

Let us provide the "right" solution for your water...over 30 years in the industry.

Common Water Problems


Hard water contains dissolved calcium, magnesium and in many cases, iron. Most homes have hard water, whether it is supplied by a private well or a municipality and many homeowners don't realize it.

Dry skin and hair, bathtub ring, spots on glass, silverware and fixtures, dull, dingy clothing, among other issues are all problems frequently caused by hard water.

Iron Staining

Water is a natural solvent and given the needed time and conditions, it will dissolve anything it comes in contact with. That's why, depending on where you live, your water can contain iron or manganese which can cause rusty-orange or black staining. You'll see the stains on clothes, fixtures, sinks, tubs, water-using appliances and toilets.


Before city water is pushed to your home, it is treated with chlorine to keep it safe and clean.

Once the water reaches your home, these chemicals are no longer necessary and will cause a foul taste and smell as well as dry out your skin. Remove chlorine with a smart carbon filter.


Water's natural pH is neutral, but given certain environmental factors, it can turn acidic. This lower pH causes water to deteriorate your home's plumbing, as well as green staining on your fixtures from the metal being stripped from pipes and faucets.

Evolve's acid neutralizer will correct your water's pH levels to protect your home.


Does your water smell like rotten eggs? If so, you have a sulfur problem. The foul odor can become unbearable when showering, bathing, or doing your laundry.

Sulfur occurs naturally and is picked up by water while underground. Using an exclusive air chamber, our filters can tackle even the worst sulfur issues.

Bacteria & Viruses

According to the CDC and Prevention, there could be as many as 12 million cases of waterborne acute gastrointestinal illness annually in the United States alone. These illnesses are frequently caused by bacteria, viruses and protozoa that make their way into the water supply. Even well operated, state-of-the-art treatment plants cannot ensure that drinking water is entirely free of microbial pathogens.

Clean, clear water guaranteed

If you're looking for water treatment you can trust and results that will speak for themselves, Texoma Water Solutions is the answer. We specialize in water softening systems, drinking water solutions, water filter products, and more, providing clear water for families throughout Oklahoma.

Our team of qualified professionals is ready to help, providing the pure water you need and deserve!


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