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Chlorine Generator

Create free chlorine from salt in your conditioners and softeners. Evolve Series's chlorine generator conveniently creates chlorine directly from the salt in a conditioner's or softener's brine solution.

During the brine draw cycle, a pair of probes is turned on, causing an electric current between them. This electricity separates the chlorides from the salt (NaCl) into sodium (Na) and free chlorine (Cl).

The amount of chlorine the device produces can be adjusted to fit the needs of the system. This is easily accomplished by increasing or reducing power (amperage) to the electric probes. More power generates more chlorine and less power generates a smaller amount.

This free chlorine passes into the media tank to keep the inside clean with every regeneration. After destroying contaminants, the chlorine then dissolves for a cleaning process without residual chemicals.

Chlorine Generators come standard on the following softening and conditioning units:

  • Evolve Series Series Conditioners

  • EVR Softeners

  • EVRC Split Tank Softeners

  • EVR Twin Tank Softeners

Chlorine Generator

Crystal-Right™ – Efficient & Innovative Zeolite

There are only a few truly unique substances on the planet and our exclusive Crystal-Right™ media is one of them. Custom-engineered by Mineral-Right in Phillipsburg, Kansas, these crystals are a multi-functioning media designed for treating problem water. Found exclusively in our conditioners, there is no other water treatment like it on the planet.

By definition, Crystal-Right™ is a manmade zeolite. Naturally occurring zeolites have been used for water treatment for many years, but they are notoriously dirty and inefficient. With science and innovation, Crystal-Right™ is manufactured for clean, efficient water treatment.

Crystal-Right™ media can eliminate problem minerals efficiently, including iron and manganese. They also have a high tolerance for chlorine, which is used to keep your system clean while softening your water. This state-of-the-art filter is engineered as two different systems, providing perfect performance for your home!

Drinking-Water Systems

This durable, innovative filter is engineered as two different types to build a system that is perfect for your home.

EV1 Models:

  • Equipped with CR-100 media

  • Reduces hardness, iron, manganese

  • Raises low pH

EV2 Models:

  • Equipped with CR-200 media

  • Reduces high amounts of hardness, iron, and manganese

Crystal Right

Inch Worm™ Technology


Our patented Inch Worm™ technology is an enhancement to all of the Evolve Series series air-charged filtration products. This feature gently releases air, inch-by-inch, when the valve advances into the backwash.

With traditional filtration units, this transition can cause noisy and frantic thrashing of the drain line. Much like releasing a balloon filled with air, where a large rush of air and water exits uncontrollably, sending the drain line flying if not properly secured. An Evolve Series air-charged filter has advanced electronics to peacefully regulate the amount of air exiting the unit.

Filtration that uses a column of air is revolutionary in oxidizing sulfur, iron, and manganese to form precipitates (or solids) that can easily be filtered and removed, all in a chemical-free solution. They are some of the most effective point-of-entry filters on the market.

A filter capable of utilizing Inch Worm™ technology is the perfect solution to effectively reduce sulfur, iron, or manganese, with worry-free regenerations.

EVFE filter with drain.png

How it works

The first cycle that an air-charged filter enters when regenerating is called the “Backwash Air Position.” In this position, the electronics control the valve as it goes through a series of very small movements, “inching along."

As the water level creeps to the top of the tank, air is released slowly and, more importantly, harmlessly down the drain. This Inch Worm™ allows for the filter to expel the pressurized excess air without the violence associated with other air systems.

Inch Worm

Ozone Generator

Ozone is three oxygen atoms bound together, shown as O3. It seems simple, but it is also one of the most powerful natural sterilants on the planet.

When added to our Texoma Water Solutions filters. The ozone generator uses the air already being drawn into the system and converts it into ozone before it travels into the tank. The additional oxygen atom handles any unwanted elements inside your filter, cleaning it with every regeneration. Any unused ozone dissipates for an eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning routine.

Ozone generators are available on the following filters:

  • EVFE Filtration Systems

  • EVS Filtration Systems

Ozone generator cut away.png
Ozone Generator

Salt Monitors

Water softeners and conditioners rely on a saltwater solution to keep the system operating effectively, so it is important to maintain proper levels of salt in the brine tank. Our salt monitor feature provides the convenience of watching the amount of salt in your system for you. You'll no longer need to remember to check your brine tank or only realize that you’re out of salt after your water quality is suffering.

Using a similar set-up to our patented chlorine generator, the salt monitor uses metal probes to create short bursts of electricity as the saltwater solution is flowing from your brine tank and into the water softener. The technology measures the conductivity of the electric current from one probe to the other. Pure water cannot conduct electricity on its own, therefore higher levels of conductivity is truly a measurement of the dissolved salts in the water.

As lower levels are measured, the system will trigger both an audio alarm and “LOW SALT” will appear on the screen to indicate that it is time to replenish the softener salts.

Salt monitor circulation diagram.png

Our salt monitor is one of the recommended Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.) features that can help keep your system operating at maximum efficiency. To learn more about how this advanced programming can help you save on water, salt, and money, visit our W.E.T. page.

Salt Monitors
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